Monday, April 13, 2009

sketchy book!

random sketch book pages. mostly done in
boring classes.


Karen K. said...

Yo Jason! It was great seeing you today, and even more fun glancing through your blog :D

Keep in touch :)

jonnadon said...

AWESOME SKETCHES!!! love the hands

grandma said...

jnorton,love your new sketches,we
are watching your blog,enjoy your great progress ,lovethe montageof stufflike shoes etc,shading is superbeagerlly await new pics,take
care, love to you both/

althea said...

jason you are doing so well on shading and the ability to create actual items as they are and the fantasy people is just amazing. it is really pleasing to see your talent progress i think of you often and pray for both youand debbies safety. love althea

jason said...

these new skethches show that you are doing more of the scenes in front of you and people around you that is good, i hope that is a growing tendency for you andyour skills. you have to keep those hands and speed limber for the real things not just the fantasy things, remember you are only as good as your last sketch, which is true of life isn't it you are only as good in life as your last decision to do goood or otherwise always choose to do goood my sweet nephew love to debbie althea